Nevada Physical Therapy Board COVID-19 Response Efforts

Essential Services

Physical Therapy services is one of the essential healthcare services that has been permitted and encouraged to continue operation, while adopting COVID-19 risk mitigation measures that reduce the risk of community disease spread.

The Nevada Physical Therapy Board would like to thank those who are providing essential services during these challenging times. As we monitor the impact of COVID-19, and prepare for the reopening of businesses in the coming weeks and months, we encourage all licensees to continue following CDC protocols and state and local guidance to help prevent exposure and keep themselves safe.

Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants are strongly encouraged to continue to follow safe practices and CDC guidance. For more information on the State's efforts to address COVID-19, visit the Nevada Health Response website.

Please review the section above for updated COVID-19 guidance and Board response efforts, including information on: The Extension of the 2020 License Renewal Period; COVID-19 Requests for Forbearance; Temporary Licensure Exemptions, and NPTE Exam Dates.