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ACCC Approved Course List

    Advisory Committee on Continuing Competency (ACCC)

    The Nevada Physical Therapy Board utilizes an Advisory Committee to evaluate continuing (education) competency courses, training, and related activities, based on Board-approved criteria. Continuing competency requirements for physical therapists and physical therapist assistants in the State of Nevada are contained in Nevada Administrative Code 640.

    Continuing Competency Definition

    Continuing competency in physical therapy is the lifelong process of maintaining and formally documenting competence through ongoing self-assessment, development, implementation of a personal learning plan, and subsequent reassessment. Continuing competence is intended to develop and increase knowledge, skills, and professional performance, while trying to prevent professional obsolescence by staying current with new developments in theory and practice and preventing skill and knowledge deterioration.

      Continuing Competency Requirements

      Each licensed physical therapist and physical therapist assistant is required to complete 15 hours of continuing competency within the year immediately preceding his or her application for renewal of a license. There are several options for licensees to satisfy their annual training requirements. Please review the Continuing Competency Model for details on how to successfully meet the minimum requirements for Certified Activities, Advanced Competency Activities, and Professional Activities.

      Continuing Competency Course Submission

      If you are a provider of continuing competency or a licensee wishing to submit a course for review, please review the ACCC Review GuidelinesThis form provides the guidelines for submitting a course to the Advisory Committee on Continuing Competency for review.

        A provider of continuing competency or licensee seeking approval for any course of study, training or material, must submit the appropriate fee and an ACCC Course Review Application, for evaluation by the Advisory Committee on Continuing Competency. The Board will review the application and the ACCC's evaluation and notify the person of its decision to grant or deny approval of the course, training, or material within 90 days after the application was submitted. If approval is granted, the Board will designate the number of hours of continuing competency for which the course of study or training is approved.

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