Dry Needling Update

On June 5, 2020, the Nevada Legislative Commission approved the attached regulation prescribing the qualifications required for physical therapists to perform dry needling. In summary, the qualifications include the completion of at least 150 hours of certain didactic education and training in dry needling, and submission of documentation to the Nevada Physical Therapy Board. This education requirement includes at least 25 hours of didactic education and training provided through a postgraduate course of study that requires the successful completion of in-person written and practical examinations.

    In accordance with LCB File No. R054-19, a physical therapist shall meet the qualifications established in R054-19 before providing the skilled intervention Dry Needling, as defined in NRS 640. 014. A physical therapist offering to provide or providing Dry Needling intervention shall submit documented proof of compliance with the qualifications listed in R054-19, in the manner described below.